Jym's Slash'em 0.0.7E7F1 patch(es)
(well, mostly ports of other people patches...)

Unless otherwise specified, these patches are either for S0.0.7E7F1 or S0.0.7E7F2. I do not intend to port from F1 to F2 since I guess that most patches should work a well on both. If you experience any trouble with a patch, please let me now.

I'm starting to write patches for 0.0.8E0 because I intend to submit some of them for the next release. These patches are clearly labelled as such (by the filename if nothing else). Once there's enough of them, I will probably become less lazy and split this page in two...

I do not really maintain this page or any patches in it any more...

E-mail: Jean-Yves.Moyen `at` ens-lyon.org

  Note: "minor changes" means that I only had to perform a slightly better pattern matching than what patch is able to do (typically a comment or even a blank line has been added in a context, thus throwing patch out of the job...) "medium changes" means that I had to actually look a bit into the code and think a bit about what it does in order to find where to apply the code. "major changes" means that I had to do a bit more thing than simply applying and adapting the patch due, typically, to some new Slash'em features I had to take into account.

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Complete Working Interface Funny Game changing
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Brad's pit Dark room glyph Assorted YAFM Enhanced bag of tricks
Cancelling magic traps Dungeon overview Flip a coin Enhanced #sit
Cats and tin openers Enhanced vision Free fortune cookie Gold dragon
Chess move Explore mode at death Pet shop boys Pet ranged attacks
Dump Fixinv Random artifacts
Forget quitters List monsters Random eels generation
Line of Sight Menu looting Reduce spell hunger
Log moves Nested looting Tooth of Shai-Hulud
Sortloot Paranoid quit Underground rivers
Splitable #adjust Pre-adjust
Succubus YAFM Show born/extinct
Status color
While helpless

Complete patches

These patches are compilation of several other patches more or less related to the same aspect of the game:

"Working" patches

These patches were not originally designed for S0.0.7E7F1 but can be applied to it with no trouble:

"Cosmetic" patches

These patches do not change the game, just the interface. None of these patches should break bone/save compatibility.

Funny patches

These patches do not do a lot of really interesting things, but they're funny...

Game changing patches

These patches change game more or less dramatically.